"Stir up Your Power, Lord Christ and Come" Bread for the Day

Pastor's Corner

December 6, 2023


Sunday after worship people gathered in Advent Hall, narthex, and sanctuary to decorate our windows with color. This gathering we did something new. Rather than painting the windows, we adorned the clear glass with colored clings. 

As I went around the space ,I marveled at the conversation, laughter, and storytelling. I was drawn into hearing a new version of the Nativity Story as told by Sasha. It was creative, dynamic, and caused me to pause, take notice, and wonder. Why have I never thought of the things that Sasha noticed? What have I been missing or not opening myself up to notice?

What I absolutely love about these cling window decorations is that we can move them in ways that allow us to grow into the Nativity story as we journey through Advent - together. Isn't that what God is calling us to do? Move in and through the story to see it in a new way?

Aldous Huxley said, "Experience is not what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens to you." Sunday's experience has changed how I see the Nativity story. It has awakened me to look for something new. Isn't this the heart of Advent?

Blessings to you as you journey through Advent

Pastor JJ

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