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Pastor's Corner

September 14, 2022

Wednesday Blessings,

When I was younger, I plugged an appliance into the electrical outlet. I didn't notice anything odd about the wire or the plug, but when it made contact with the outlet ZAP! The shock moved from my hand, up my forearm and shot out of my elbow. My arm tingled for a long time. In fact, just thinking about that experience makes my arm tingle a little.

This past Sunday I had a similar experience. The electricity in the sanctuary was super charged. People were overjoyed to see one another. After worship people gathered in Advent Hall to partake in the celebration of receiving Angelica Rose. Watching people move around, chatter, smile, and hug was energizing.

If you were there I hope you too felt something. If you weren't I hope you know that your prayers for the life and ministry of this congregation is part of our electrical grid of grace. Thank you for your energy, your spirit, and your compassion to care.

Pastor JJ

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