Pastor's Corner


Construction continues on our new facilities at Living Waters.  Thank you, Richard for your detailed and faithful attention to this process.  Photo link: 


Church Council meets on Tuesday evening at 7:00.  Pastor Schantzenbach will report of several matters that are vital to our life together.  Among the items in the Pastor’s report this month:
  1. A review of what the pastor learned from the “Check-In Survey” that was distributed last month.
  2. A discussion about the “weariness” that many members are experiencing during the pandemic
  3. Sharing related to improvements that will be shared in our on-line worship services beginning June 7.
  4. The potential to refresh our commitment to “A Living Hope for All” capital appeal.
  5. A call to rally our church educators to plan for “distance learning” during our VBS time and possibly into the fall.  The use of our educational space will be directly disrupted by both COVID-19 and our construction. 
  6. Consideration of taking a deeper dive into the issues and demands surrounding the continuing racial injustice, privilege and violence which has been manifest in our nation in recent weeks.

Our Presiding Bishop Eaton will be providing all ELCA congregations with a sermon to be shared this Trinity Sunday.  Don’t miss her message to the church this week.


CHECK-IN SURVEY RESULTS  I share a special thank-you with all the members who responded to our Check-in Survey in the past two weeks.  I am in the process of contacting everyone who asked for a call by adding your phone number to the returned survey.  We learned a bit about our joys and challenges.  While most folks are concerned about the impact that COVID-19 will have on our community and church, members are generally confident that appropriate and necessary supports are being provided by Living Waters and that they have personal support networks to endure the pandemic.  ¾ of our members are accessing Virtual worship while many also participate in the Virtual Fellowship Hall on Sunday at 11:30, and Bible Study on Wednesday.  Continue to look for children’s ministry resources and opportunities to serve and express generosity through feeding ministries. Almost all members experience isolation and a majority remain concerned about contracting COVID-19.  Managing household relationship is a continuing stress producer. Give Pastor Schantzenbach a call 908-892-8299 is you want to share your joys or challenges.

ON-LINE BIBLE STUDIES continue this week on Wednesday at 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM.  This week we pour over John 17:1-11.  The electronic study guide and Zoom Meeting info will be sent out in advance

LWLC AV CLUB  On Tuesday evening, May 19 we will host a second video conference at 7:00 PM to continue our discussion related to our worship platform.  The felt isolation has led to a request to provide worship “live” instead of recorded.  We are investigating our capacities and capabilities, and advantages of changing our worship format.  Please be assured that we are dedicated to providing quality on-line worship resources within our congregation capacity. 

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND is just ahead.  Be Safe, Smart, and Healthy.

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