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Council/Ministry Teams

Lay Leadership


2024 Congregational Council

 (Left to Right) – Front Row: Pat Johnston (President), Shannon Bumgarner, Mary Riccardi (Treasurer), Wendy Crofts, Winnie Fatton (Secretary)
Back Row: Amy Villegas, Cindy Cooper (Vice President), Terry Welsh, Craig Weinrich, Kari Rudgers & Pastor JJ
Tom Kull (Financial Secretary) not pictured


Congregational Council Assignments 2024

Executive Committee

Council President: Pat Johnston
Vice President: Cindy Cooper
Secretary: Winnie Fatton
Treasurer: Mary Riccardi
Team leaders for the 2024 Ministry Areas
Christian Education: Pat Johnston
Communications: Winnie Fatton & Terry Welsh
Congregational Life: Kari Rudgers
PropertyShannon Bumgarner
Service: Amy Villegas
Stewardship: Craig Weinrich
Worship & Music: Wendy Crofts
What does each ministry area entail?
Congregational Council Elections for 2024*
(FT/ST denotes first or second consecutive term) 
Wendy Crofts - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Pat Johnston - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Craig Weinrich - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Shannon Bumgarner - 2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 FT
Terry Welsh* -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 FT
Mary Riccardi -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 ST
Cindy Cooper -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 ST
Kari Rudgers*2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 FT
Amy Villegas* - 2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 ST
Winnie Fatton* - 2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 ST
Chris Kosmac - Church Administrator
Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu  1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Email: officeLWLC@yahoo.com 
Tom Kull - Financial Secretary
Evelyn Fry - Bookkeeper (non-council position)
Mutual Ministry Team
Paul Telenson - term ending 6/2024
Sonia Delgado - term ending 6/2024 
Sue Whitlock - term ending 12/2024
Bob Connelly - term ending 12/2025
Chris Kirsche - term ending 12/2026
Pastor JJ
What is the Mutual Ministry Team?
Ad Hoc Teams and Committees
Please check out some of the other committees
and teams under the Outreach tab.
COUNCIL Tue., June 4th 7:00 pm  
Christian Education Team    
Communications Team Sun., April 28th after worship  
   Tech Team    
Congregational Life Sun., April 14th after worship  
   Congregational Care    
Finance Team    
LGBTQIA+ Team    Sat., May 18th @ New Hope Pride
Property Team Tue., April 9th 5:30 pm  
Racial Justice Team    
Service Team Sun., March 17th after worship
Sat. May 18th @ Cross Roads
Sat. June 1st @ Zion Oldwick
Stewardship Team    
Worship & Music Team Thu., May 9th, 7:00 pm  
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