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Council/Ministry Teams

Lay Leadership


2024 Congregational Council

 (Left to Right) – Front Row: Pat Johnston (President), Shannon Bumgarner, Mary Riccardi (Treasurer), Wendy Crofts, Winnie Fatton (Secretary)
Back Row: Amy Villegas, Cindy Cooper (Vice President), Terry Welsh, Craig Weinrich, Kari Rudgers & Pastor JJ
Tom Kull (Financial Secretary) not pictured


Congregational Council Assignments 2024

Executive Committee

Council President: Pat Johnston
Vice President: Cindy Cooper
Secretary: Winnie Fatton
Treasurer: Mary Riccardi
Team leaders for the 2024 Ministry Areas
Christian Education: Pat Johnston
Communications: Winnie Fatton & Terry Welsh
Congregational Life: Kari Rudgers
PropertyShannon Bumgarner
Service: Amy Villegas
Stewardship: Craig Weinrich
Worship & Music: Wendy Crofts
Congregational Council Elections for 2024*
(FT/ST denotes first or second consecutive term) 
Wendy Crofts - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Pat Johnston - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Craig Weinrich - 2024, term ending 1/2025 FT
Shannon Bumgarner - 2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 FT
Terry Welsh* -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 FT
Mary Riccardi -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 ST
Cindy Cooper -  2024-2025, term ending 1/2026 ST
Kari Rudgers*2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 FT
Amy Villegas* - 2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 ST
Winnie Fatton* - 2024-2026, term ending 1/2027 ST
Chris Kosmac - Church Administrator
Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu  1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Email: officeLWLC@yahoo.com 
Tom Kull - Financial Secretary
Evelyn Fry - Bookkeeper (non-council position)
Mutual Ministry Team
Paul Telenson - term ending 6/2024
Sonia Delgado - term ending 6/2024 
Sue Whitlock - term ending 12/2024
Bob Connelly - term ending 12/2025
Chris Kirsche - term ending 12/2026
Pastor JJ
Ad Hoc Teams and Committees
Please check out some of the other committees
and teams under the Outreach tab.
Racial Justice Team
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