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January 1, 2020

Happy New Year,


THANK YOU: A big thank you to everyone for your generous Christmas gift to Dori and I. We are deeply grateful to you all for the gift. 

DINNER CHURCH: Potluck Bible Study Dinner on Tuesday, January 7th at 6:00 p.m.  Come learn about the Gospel of Matthew, the first of the four Gospels. Each year the church lectionary uses of the 3 synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) to focus on for the Gospel readings for the year, and we just started Year A….Matthew back in Advent. 

LAST CALL for UNDER’ALLS:  The LWLC Annual Diaper Drive is almost over! This year we will collect items for babies as well as adult incontinence products for donation to the Flemington Area Diaper Bank. Collection boxes will be in the Narthex starting this Sunday. The drive will culminate with our Epiphany Observance on January 5th.  The Flemington Area Diaper Bank is run in partnership between United Way of Hunterdon County and the Flemington Area Food Pantry to distribute diapers, wipes, ointments, and adult incontinence products to struggling families who cannot afford these necessary and costly items, which are not covered by food stamps, WIC (Women, Infants and Children) or other programs.  It costs a family about $1,000 a year to buy a supply of average-priced diapers for one child.  For someone who works full-time at minimum wage, making just over $20,000 a year, that's a major financial burden.  

Current Diaper Bank needs as specified by the United Way are listed below:
Our current diaper bank needs for babies are size 1 and 6
The larger sizes (4,5,6) tend to get requested by the pantries frequently. Wipes are also gladly accepted.
As for adult products, the underwear style (briefs) is the most requested. 
We also have a lady who needs 2X tape diapers, but we have not been able to acquire any for her to date. She is unable to use the underwear type 2X size briefs.

The other need that has come up this year is the need for incontinence pads and guards (for men and women). What we have found is that many seniors use incontinence pads and not just the disposable briefs. Most of the clients need pretty heavy pads (typically size 5 or 6 (based on the number of drops filled in on the package)). 

Any questions, contact Judy Segers at jdsegers1@gmail.com  Thank you for your support!!

TASK SERVICE – NEW DATE: Come and be one of the 10 volunteers needed to serve dinner at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen on Thursday, January 30th.  Cars will be leaving the church at 2:30 p.m., dinner will be served between 3:30 and 4:50 p.m., then returning to the church around 5:45 p.m. It’s a fun experience.  Ages 13 and up.   Sign up here

SAVE THE DATE: January 20th - MLK Day of Service, February 2nd - Souper Bowl Sunday


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Christmas Eve Record 2016: 147      
This year 4pm = 79, 7pm = 109 (4 dup) New record 184
This past Sunday:   44 
Same Sunday last year:  63
Average Sunday attendance 2019: 68.2
Average Sunday attendance 2018: 71.5
Average Sunday attendance 2017: 74.2
Average Sunday attendance 2016: 75.4
Average Sunday attendance 2015: 68.5
Average Sunday attendance 2014: 64.5

Have you seen this somewhere else “Pictures can say a lot, take a look at our church through photos or videos.

SHOUT OUTS: This week’s Shout Out goes out to Silke Carlson who hosted a holiday gathering of friends at her home and asked everyone to bring some canned goods for a local food pantry. The result was an over-flowing shopping cart. Thank you to Silke and her friends for thinking of the needs of the less fortunate.

If YOU have a Shout Out that needs to be publicized….reply to this email and let us know. Thanks


CHARITABLE SHOPPING: If you do any of your Christmas shopping at Amazon.com, DON'T! Instead, shop at smile.amazon.com, and designate Living Waters Lutheran Church, or another favorite charity (you can only designate one charity per account). Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase towards Living Waters anytime you start your shopping at smile.amazon.com. It's a simple and easy way to support Living Waters, while taking care of your shopping needs. Any questions? Please ask Craig Weinrich.

LUTHERAN MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION:  Please let Chris in the office know if you would like to delete or add your subscription to Living Lutheran.  Our church gladly provides a subscription to every family, but if you are not enjoying the magazine and it just ends up being recycled, please let us know so we can cancel it.  Each subscription is $8.95.  If you are not receiving it and would like to please let us know that as well.

NAMETAGS: If you don’t have a nametag yet or maybe you simply have no clue where it is or maybe your kid ate yours – let us know and we’ll make a new one for you. Click here I NEED A NAMETAG and type your name(s).

ON-LINE GIVING: The finance team would like to announce a new option for on-line giving. Still provided by our partners Vanco, our new program is called GivePlus. On our church’s website we still maintain a donation page where funds can be transferred electronically, but the biggest change is now where Vanco offers a free mobile app available where you download your cell phone apps. You can set up a quick 4-digit PIN, associate the gifts to Living Waters and designate to what ministry they are for. Within the app you can set up your credit cards and/or checking/saving accounts for easy giving. If you’re currently using Vanco (Simply Giving – old name) you can also track your giving history on the app. If you have any questions about the program, please see Tom Kull or Terry Welsh ( I can show you on my phone) for more details.

THRIVENT: Anyone attending Living Waters can become a Thrivent benefit member or Thrivent associate member.   One can become a Thrivent benefit member by purchasing a Thrivent product (life insurance, annuity, etc.) or become a Thrivent associate member by paying $19.95 annual dues (associate membership from can be found on the Thrivent website www.Thrivent.com or you can call our local Thrivent representative, Scott Curtis, at 1- 888-399-5611.   A Thrivent benefit member is eligible for two $250 Thrivent Action Team grants annually.  A Thrivent associate member is eligible for a $250 Thrivent Action grant each year (for your investment of $19.95 Thrivent provides $250 for a Living Waters Service project).

PRAYER REQUESTS: To update or add a prayer to our Sunday bulletin, please email your request to Chris Kosmac at:  officelwlc@yahoo.com 

DO YOU SHOP AMAZON?:  Shop at smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate to Living Waters Lutheran Church.  Use the following message and link below in social media, email, and on your website to tell your supporters about how they can help Living Waters Lutheran Church when they shop.  #StartWithaSmile at smile.amazon.com/LWLC to stock up and Amazon donates to Living Waters Lutheran Church. 


TOM JOHNSTON: Check out Tom Johnston’s schedule at www.thomas-johnston-music.com

FLEMINGTON ROCKS:  Saturday evenings of each month, the Stangl Stage, a new musical venue located next to Blue Fish Grill off Mine Street in Flemington, showcases local musical talent.  Michael Massimo is one of the booking agents for talents and can be reached at www.flemingtonrocks.com   


MEALS-on-WHEELS: Meals on Wheels needs your help!  As one of the last meal delivery programs in New Jersey to depend solely on volunteer drivers, new drivers are always needed.  By committing approximately two hours, once a month, you can make a big difference in the lives of Hunterdon County’s homebound seniors by delivering hot, nutritious meals.  For more information call Meals on Wheels at 908-284-0735, visit their website at mowih.org, or email info@mowih.org

DELAWARE VALLEY FOOD PANTRY: Dear Friends of the Pantry, We are up and running successfully in our new location in the CVS shopping center in Lambertville. Our clients are pleased, in general. However people who live in the center and south end of town, as well as people from New Hope, are finding the walking distance a problem. We are working on some options to help with that, such as scheduling The Link mini-bus to pick people up at Hibernia or another location south of Bridge Street and bringing them to the pantry. If you know of anyone who needs a ride, please let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions for helping with this problem, please let me know. We are in need of some food items, as listed below, and since we are, for the first time, having to pay rent and utilities for our new space, we need additional cash donations, Checks can be sent to: Delaware Valley Food Pantry, P.O. Box 705, Lambertville, NJ 08530. Current Food Needs: Baked beans, Black beans – bags, Cereal, Cookies, Corn creamed – canned, Corn whole – canned, Crackers, Deodorant, Diapers – sizes 1,2,3, Flour, Fruit – canned/plastic, Fruit juice, Green Beans – canned, Oatmeal, Pancake syrup, Pasta boxes not Penne nor Ziti, Rice-a-Roni, Salt, Sugar, Tuna.  Also, check out the new Delaware Valley Food Pantry page in Facebook. Thanks, Joe. Contact info for Delaware Valley Food Pantry in Lambertville - please share with the congregation: President: Albert ("Bert") Johnson email: Johnson797@gmail.com cell: 215-534-4634

FLEMINGTON AREA FOOD PANTRY: We have joined a countywide initiative to improve access to healthy foods for good health and to prevent overweight/obesity.  We would appreciate food items with limited sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.   We are in need of donated food items and appreciate your generosity! Suggested Donations: Mayonnaise, Canola Oil, Toothbrushes, Dishwashing Detergent, Body Wash, Toilet Paper, Grocery Store Gift Cards. Drop off items at the Flemington Food Pantry (located in the Wal-Mart/Lowes shopping center on Route 31) Monday through Thursday 9-11:30am.  Want to volunteer? The Pantry is now accepting applications. We have a particular need for skilled computer individuals and for folks willing to pick-up food from local businesses. Please email info@flemingtonfoodpantry.org and put volunteer in subject line or call Barbara at 908-996-6463 for more details.

Visit us on the web at: www.lwlc-flemington.org or www.lwlcnj.org

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